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Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

Every love story is unique and so should be the honeymoon! Whether you are beach bums, wildlife lovers, adventure enthusiasts, winter babies or simply want your own slice of heaven for a few days, we have our pick of the hottest honeymoon destinations this year.

Bora Bora: Intimacy by the Beach

The islands of Tahiti instantly conjure up visions of a paradise on earth – picture-perfect white-sand beaches, turquoise blue lagoons and lush green mountains. Bora Bora is especially popular with couples for its variety of intimate escapes, from over-water bungalows to private yachts, sunset cruises and secluded beaches and alcoves, all soaked in the magical potion of indulgence and luxury. The rustic setting of Bora Bora adds to its charms, making it a quieter alternative than other beach destinations.

Bora Bora Bliss

Australia: The Land of Many Moods

Whether you want to dive underwater or fly on a hot air balloon; sip champagne on the harbour or travel deep into a forest; enjoy the city lights or a quiet dinner under the stars – Australia will have everything for your varied moods and moments. Catch a dreamy sunset at the Gold Coast; take a romantic drive on the Great Ocean Road; gaze at the spectacular night sky in the remote Outback; or escape to a private island – the options are endless!

Australia For Two

New Zealand: Surreal and Stimulating

Subterranean boat rides, geothermal spas, remote mountains, pristine lakesides, ancient glaciers, and one of the most romantic train rides in the world – New Zealand’s stunning natural beauty makes for the perfect setting for an intimate and relaxing honeymoon. Go island-hopping in the Bay of Islands; experience Maori culture at the living villages of Rotorua; try stargazing or if you’re looking, catch the spectacular Southern Lights; or get onboard a private helicopter ride for a mesmerising view of the Alpine world from the top!

New Zealand For Two

South Africa: Stories from the Wild

From open savannahs where animals roam freely to charming coastal villages where people welcome you with warm smiles and hearty meals, South Africa is as diverse as its astounding wildlife. Travel to the South-West tip of the continent; savour delectable South African wines; take game rides with spectacular views, and experience the soul of its cities. South Africa is the destination for wildlife lovers and adrenaline-junky couples, looking for a more action-packed time together.

South African Trails

Norway and Sweden: The Magical North

Majestic fjords and magical Northern Lights, Norway and Sweden offer a gateway to the unique natural wonders of the North. There’s nothing quite like the dreamy landscapes of this region to bring the romance alive. And the stay options here are inimitable – be it the iconic igloo hotel or a treehouse deep in the jungle. How about a romantic dinner on a frozen lake, under the radiance of the Northern Lights? Or a relaxing private cruise to the Artic Circle.

Five Extraordinary Honeymoon Experiences

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