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How will we travel when we travel again? 10 Ways in Which Travel is Set to Change Post-Covid

When we travel again, and we will one day, the world is bound to be a different place. We will choose our stays differently. We will focus more on hygiene. We will look for trusted advisors who can guide us through the post-covid travel world. So, while you’re working on your bucket lists in lockdown, here are some key things to keep in mind. 

  1. Travels closer to home


Every country is recovering at a different rate, so we are bound to stick to domestic travel for a while. Moreover, it would be wise to choose a destination that is easy to travel down to. This means finding new ways to explore India and the regions closest to us – think lesser-known destinations, isolated mountain tops, quite jungle retreats, and much more.

  1. Get back on the open road 


Since we will travel closer to home, road trips are bound to make a comeback! From the Himalayas to the Western Ghats, India is full of iconic routes that make for some of the most spectacular road-trips in the world. There’s nothing quite like traveling in the comfort of your own car. Or better yet, hire a luxury SUV for the journey. 

  1. Choose hygienically 

We are bound to make our choices based on hygiene now. From the hotels we stay in to the restaurants we will eat in and even the attractions we go to – hygiene and sanitization will play a key role in dictating where and how we go. The industry has already started working towards contactless travel and dining in line with this new norm.

  1. Make way for the new “travel essentials”


There’s no doubt about it – masks and sanitizers are here to stay. Add to that your usual kitty of hygiene essentials and these will be a must in your go-to travel bag from now. 

  1. Minimize contact

Several hotels have already started taking the steps towards reducing touchpoints to make your stay safer. From “contact-less” check-ins to private dining, your travel experience is bound to get more personalized. Intimate gatherings over crowded joints. And 24-hour concierges to take care of your every need. 

  1. Maximize isolation


In a bid to stay away from the crowds, we will also look for more isolated venues. Think boutique stays, private villas, exclusive retreats, and other curated stay options, with limited capacity. 

  1. Travel more responsibly 


Eco-tourism is no longer a buzzword. It’s a stark need that has been highlighted during the Covid-19 spread. As we become more conscious of the choices we are making for our planet, these are bound to reflect in our travels as well. We will be making more sustainable choices both for the environment and the local communities affected by travel in their regions. 

  1. Looking for flexibility 

When the lockdown started, many people were scrambling to change or cancel their bookings. This has dictated a higher need for flexibility, going forward. You might also look for better support to make and modify bookings, as well as protection against unforeseen circumstances. And travel advisors and agents are placed well to meet this need. 

  1. Beyond bucket lists


The lockdown has made us rethink our priorities in many ways. Some have taken to healthier living, while others are relishing time with family. For many of us, the realization that some simple pleasures are out of bounds for now has been a hard-hitting reality. When we step out, these simple pleasures may well be what we seek with slower travel and more immersive experiences.

  1. Need for a travel advisor 

We will need trusted advice to get through these times. Someone to answer our queries and navigate through the new travel norms. Travel agents are more critical now than ever to help travellers find their way and continue their journeys in the post-Covid world. 

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