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Oktoberfest: Beyond Beer

The world’s biggest beer festival is also an intoxicating mix of history, culture and traditions. Beyond the beer love, here are five ways to get the most of your Oktoberfest experience. From Wiesn’s most iconic parade to its favourite foods and the charming traditions that make it the most loved festival of the year!

1. The Costume and Hunters’ Parade

The first Sunday of the Oktoberfest has been dedicated to the traditional costume and hunters’ parade, every year since 1950. The festive parade starts at 10am in the morning with groups of revellers taking to the streets, from costume and hunting clubs to marching bands, musicians and travellers from around the world!

2. Traditional Dress Up

One of the more charming aspects of Oktoberfest is the traditional costume or “trachten” worn by locals – Lederhosen for the gentlemen and Dirndl for the ladies. So, take some time to shop for an outfit and here’s a tip for the ladies. It is said that if a woman wears here bow on the left side it’s understood that she is single. While a bow on the right means she’s taken!

3. Old Wiesn

What started in 2010 as a celebration of Oktoberfest’s 200-year heritage has become a permanent fixture where guests can enjoy a throwback to the traditional days of the fest. Vintage rides, historic attractions, folk music – Old Wiesn is where you get a taste of what the fest looked like in its early days.

4. Foodie Explorations

While you fill up on the beer, it would be a shame to overlook the sumptuous local delicacies available around the tents – soft pretzels, Bavarian sausages, roasted meats, potato dumplings and the ubiquitous sauerkraut. Our favourites also include the roasted almonds (a great snack to walk around with) and “Wiesn Hendl” — a traditional Oktoberfest chicken stuffed with herbs and roasted to juicy perfection.

5. A Private Tent Invite

While entry into the beer tents is free, some places have table bookings which can be great for a more leisurely and immersive experience of the fest. Like the historic Ochsenbraterei tent which offers a three-course dinner to accompany the best of Bavarian beers with a dedicated host for your table! Part of this curated Oktoberfest journey.

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