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Signature Suggests: 5 experiences to inspire your next weekend break

Don’t let your wanderlust wane for lack of time! These five experiences are accessible on short breaks from India and make for the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. The underwater Buddha of Bali, the awe-inspiring “Grand Canyon” of Oman, the World-Heritage-listed sights of Halong Bay and more. Read on for the top picks from our destination experts.

1. Visit Wadi Ghul, the “Grand Canyon” of Oman

Get off the beaten track with a day trip to one of the most stunning sights of Oman, Wadi Ghul, often called the Omani Grand Canyon. Drive through the Wadi Ghul to Jebel Shams, the highest point in Oman, where you can enjoy stunning views of the valley. And then visit the beautiful old village of Misfah, perched on the side of the mountain, for a local flavour.

2. Snorkel in the underwater “temple garden” of Bali

Travel away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a day trip to Nusa Lembongan, where you get to discover the sea and marine life at three beautiful snorkelling spots. You’ll also find a 2.5-meter-tall (8.2 ft) statue of Buddha underwater here with several smaller statues around it. The site is full of such sculptures made by local artists over a decade ago.

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3. Cruise along the beautiful Halong Bay in Vietnam

Marvel at towering limestone karsts as you drift along the World Heritage-listed waters of Halong Bay and explore caves such as Thien Cung Cave. The stunning landscapes of Halong Bay make it the perfect setting for a relaxing cruise, away from city lights, with fresh seafood lunch onboard.

4. Explore the “underground” art of Qvevri winemaking in Georgia

Georgia boasts of the oldest wine culture in the world, which is best showcased in its unique winemaking tradition. Made inside earthenware vessels called Qvevri which are then buried in the ground to ferment the grapes naturally, Georgian wine has a unique flavour. A must for wine and history buffs, an experience of Qvevri winemaking will leave you with an intimate sense of the Georgian way of life.

5. Stay inside the region’s first “trailer hotel” in UAE

Camp along the banks of Hatta Dam in luxuriously appointed trailers, nestled in the mountains. The Sedr Trailers Resort offers a stylish stay in a rugged setting with a food truck on the grounds and even private areas for BBQ. It’s the ideal spot for a rustic outdoor experience without compromising on the comfort.

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