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Summer Road Trips: Why you should opt for a self-drive journey for your next holiday

If you want an authentic experience of a country, there’s nothing quite like a road trip. The thrill of an open road, stopping and starting at your own pace, is an unmatched experience.

Travel to lesser-known areas that may otherwise be inaccessible to tourists. Move around at your own pace with a more leisurely exploration of the regions you stop by. And achieve a high degree of freedom and flexibility as you journey in complete luxury and privacy.

Our Destination Experts talk about the best places for self-drive trips and how a pre-determined itinerary can help. Learn about the greatest routes of the world, unique themes that bring alive the nuances of the region, and even an exclusive luxury cars’ edition!

Travel through iconic routes

Route 66 in the USA is probably the definitive road trip, spanning over two thousand miles from LA to Chicago. On route, you will find some of the most stunning landscapes of the country and small towns that represent a more classic America.

Another popular route is North Coast 500 in Scotland, a scenic ride that begins at Inverness and travels across historic sights, white coasts, ethereal lochs, and stunning mountain ranges. Or how about Iceland’s popular ring road, that traverses over 800 miles through some of the most surreal landscapes across the South Coast?

Iceland Self-Drive

Achieve higher flexibility

Road trips make it easier to design your journey around your interests, rather than sticking to the big cities. Picture a drive through the Andalusian region in Spain, stopping at the iconic cities of Marbella, Granada, and Cordoba. Often considered for day trips, you can explore these cities in a more in-depth way from the comfort of your own car.

Or check out our Irish Pub journey, an itinerary unlike any other that drives through places like Galway, Doolin, Killarney, and Middleton in Ireland for a musical trip through the country’s world-famous pub culture.

Find Luxury Options

How about zipping through the Italian countryside in the latest Ferrari? Self-drives are a great opportunity to rent a luxury car and make your journey extra special inside a top-of-the-line model, from the latest range of Ferraris; to Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the fastest Porsche ever; and a range of Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and more.

On route, you stay at the most luxurious villas and hotels, from medieval castles to aristocratic homes; dine at world-famous Michelin-starred restaurants, and enjoy exclusive experiences such as a meal with royalty or access to hidden distilleries and vintage cellars.

Italy by Ferrari

Enjoy Unmatched Access

Road trips are a great way to slow down your exploration of an area and dig deeper into the local lifestyle. Many less-frequented places pop up on the map, which are usually inaccessible by public transport.

See our Signature Road Trips for more inspiration.

Destination experts can help you find these spots with their vast knowledge of the area and tips on how to chat with the locals and where to tank up! They will also offer the proper directions, with alternative routes for a quicker or more scenic ride, where possible so you can understand the distances and the best spots to see in the area, along with unparallel access to the most exclusive experiences around.

New Zealand by Road

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