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Throwback to the Romance of Train Travel: 4 Routes That Will Take Your Breath Away

Step aboard a timeless carriage and into a world of luxurious charm and hospitality, from where you get to uncover the mysteries of far-flung lands. Train travel is once again finding its day in the sun, with so many luxurious options bringing back the romance and decadence of the past.

Think plush interiors, spacious suites, exquisite dining and the classic charm of leisurely travel onboard the most exclusive trains in the world! Here’s our pick of four breath-taking train journeys to try in 2019, featuring the world’s highest, remotest and most popular routes!

Take the “World’s Greatest Train Journey” Across Siberia

Known as the best train journey in the world, the Trans-Siberian railway network traverses the mysteries of Russia, traveling over the Ural Mountains and cutting across Mongolia to the furthest reaches of the continent, not far from bordering China. On route, you get to experience diverse cultures, from Shamanic rituals to the Buryat people; diverse landscapes, including the deepest lake in the world; and fascinating history, from Soviet monuments to Tsarist landmarks.

Siberia by Train

Explore the Arctic Circle Over Christmas

Enter the “Winter Wonderland” that is Russia in December, before heading deeper into the Arctic Circle in pursuit of the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. The unique Christmas traditions of Russia make it an interesting destination for the season, as you learn why many Russians celebrate two Christmases and New Years; and meet Father Frost aka Ded Moroz, the Russian Santa!

This Arctic exploration begins from Moscow, traveling across the Arctic Circle to the furthest reaches of Northern Norway, where you can stay inside the famous “igloo hotel” for a spectacular immersion into the Polar world.

Travel into the Wild West of China

The remote wilderness of Western China offers a whole new discovery of the Orient – from ancient cities to surreal desert landscapes. This train journey traverses through some of the least-known destinations in the world, bringing to life the ethnic diversity and unique traditions of China’s far-flung west.

Travel to one of the largest passes of the Great Wall and through the highest railway pass in the world in Tibet. And end your journey in the beautiful city of Lhasa, home to the spiritual roots of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibet and China


Traverse the Enigmatic Silk Road

Imagine walking in the footsteps of ancient traders, making their way from China to the West, through some of the most rugged landscapes on Earth. This iconic route is today home to historic cities that will take you back into a world of silk, scents, and spices.

Perhaps the grandest and most evocative of these is the city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan, leading into the mysteries of Central Asia through stunning Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Couple it up with an exploration of the Caucasus region, which straddles Europe and Asia across the vistas of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan on a Caspian train journey.

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