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Flavors of Italy

Culinary Trails into The Heart of Italia 7 Nights and 8 Days

Flavors of Italy

Starting from $260 / per day

The simplicity and subtlety of Italian food is known and loved the world over! If you want to take your love for pastas and pizzas to the next level, join us on this culinary adventure. From classic ingredients to home-grown techniques; this journey will take you on a food feast all’Italiana.

The Journey


Day 1: Welcome to Rome

The “Eternal City” of Rome has seen transitions over thousands of years that have evolved its local culture and flavours. Your private transfer will take you to the heart of the city to begin this culinary journey. Take the day to get acquainted with the history and romance of Rome. The smell of freshly baked pasta accompanies you as you walk along the cobbled by-lanes of Rome. Take a seat at one of the open-air cafes to relish your first tastes of delectable Roman fare, accompanied with a glass of the best local wine.

Day 2: Aromas of Rome

Start your day with a decadent cup of Italian cappuccino topped with creamy foam. After breakfast, we will step out to explore the heritage of this ancient city, on foot. Visit the famous Pantheon, a true marvel of construction, dating back 2,000 years to 125 AD. As you walk through the bronze doors of this ancient temple, under the largest unsupported dome in the world, the grandeur is unmissable! Dinner today is dedicated to Italy’s most popular food – pasta – at a restaurant known for its delectable pasta dishes. We will try Rome’s favourite “Cacio e Pepe” – a perfect balance of hot cheese and coarse black pepper in a creamy, buttery sauce made with grated Pecorino Romano.

Day 3: To the Heart of Italy (Rome – Trevi)

Today, we take a luxury train ride down to the town of Trevi, located in beautiful countryside of Umbria. The region remains the heart of Italy, historically removed from outside influences such as the coastline or the country borders. The ancient town of Trevi on the lower foothills of Mount Serano offers a stunning view of the plains and meandering waters of the Clitunno River. Narrow streets wind around buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Here, you will experience medieval Italy in the lap of modern luxury.

Day 4: Tastes of Umbria (Trevi)

Enjoy a lavish breakfast buffet filled with the traditional flavors of Umbria before starting the day. Today, we will learn about classic Umbrian flavours and wine pairings in an exciting culinary class with local chefs. If you have ever wondered about hand-made pasta, now is your chance to try your hands at some traditional techniques. The chef will take you through the cooking process, while also offering tips on the subtle art of wine pairing. After the meal, we set out to explore the region’s most popular product – olive oil – at a local mill.

Day 5: The Chef Life (Trevi)

After breakfast, we return to the kitchen to continue our exploration of Italian food. Step out on to the streets of the city to accompany your chef on a morning routine of visiting bakers, butchers and cheese mongers. The aromas of this walk are sure to leave you craving for some freshly baked bread with a slice of sharp Umbrian cheese! After visiting the local vendors and observing the morning routines of the town, we will come back to the kitchen to cook another round of lip-smacking local dishes.

Day 6: Decadent Flavours (Trevi)

This our final course of Umbrian cuisine. From classics, we move to the more exotic today. It’s time to savour some of the decadent black truffle. These exotic mushrooms are common around the town of Norcia, near Perugia, often growing near oak and hazelnut trees. Today, you get to not only try this ingredient but learn how to use it as well. Experience the superior flavour of black truffle as it is mixed into everyday dishes for an earthy flavour like no other!

Day 7: Renaissance Days (Trevi – Florence)

A brief train journey will take you from Trevi to Florence. The Tuscan countryside offers a tranquil morning, filled with lush rolling hills. Enjoy breakfast overlooking the vast country before venturing into the majestic Renaissance city of Florence. Locals and visitors pour through the city along its ancient cobbled streets. Walk along the water and reach the long, thin square connecting the Uffizi Gallery to Piazza Signoria. The gallery houses some of the most famous art of the Italian Renaissance, including Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and “Medusa” by Caravaggio.

Day 8: One Last Taste

After one final breakfast at your hotel, say goodbye to Italy as you are driven to the airport to board your flight back home.

A not to be missed culinary class where you learn about the exotic Umbrian flavours and wine pairings.

Journey Includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation in Rome
  • 4 nights accommodation in Trevi
  • 1 night accommodation in Florence
  • Daily buffet breakfast at the hotel
  • Sight-seeing tours as mentioned in the itinerary above
  • Transfer from Rome airport to Rome hotel to Rome airport
  • Train tickets from Rome to Trevi to Florence to Rome
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