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2020 Travel Inspiration: Food and Wine Trails

Let your taste buds lead the way in 2020! Epicurean explorations were all the buzz in 2019, with travellers looking for new ways to dine fine. From vintage wine cellars to rustic farmyard settings; special tasting menus to celebrity-run dining kitchens. And the trend is set to continue this year.

Culinary experiences have upped the ante, and how, to bring authentic yet sophisticated options to quality-conscious travellers. Here are the finest wine and dine experiences that kept us drooling in 2019.

1. Sky High Dining

One of our favourite celebration venues across the globe, this special dining room is set up high in the sky against some of the most iconic landmarks of the world. The “flying dinner table” offers a six-course gourmet meal served by a chef and waiters on a platform suspended 160 feet above the ground! And it’s available in more than 45 countries for groups of up to 22 people.

2. Castaway Picnics

When it comes to intimate honeymoon experiences, we love the remoteness offered by island alcoves. Not a person in sight as the two of you sit under the open sky with a picnic basket, thoughtfully packed for two with local delicacies. Think sunsets over the horizon or dark skies exploding with the Milky Way. It’s the perfect “dinner under the skies” moment.

3. Wine Themed Holidays

Wine days and wine-r nights – you will be drowned in vintage flavours on a wine-themed holiday. The wine region on our agenda next year is the charming Duoro valley in Portugal. Imagine staying inside a wooden wine barrel amidst the lushness of a vineyard. Spend the day interacting with local sommeliers. And celebrate evenings with Michelin-star gastronomy.

4. Celebrity Dining Rooms

Forget Michelin Star dining, our gourmet agenda in 2019 was set on Celebrity Dining Rooms! From sunny California in the West to glittering Sydney in the East, celebrity-run kitchens are all the rage. Think seasonal tasting menus, and experimental takes on classic dishes – all in the signature styles of some of the most famous names in the world of food.

5. Spice Trails

South Asia’s tantalising spices are enough to merit a trip to the region! Be it Singapore’s Michelin-starred hawker stands, Bangkok’s world-renowned street food, Japan’s modern wave of restaurants or Bali’s explosive café scene, the region’s culinary traditions have found many interpretations. Best discovered on a gastronomic journey featuring food walks, chef’s tables, night markets and some of the best street food in the world!

6. Cooking Lessons

In search of the most authentic ways to experience a destination, we have found that food often tops the charts. From farm-to-table meals to home-cooked recipes passed down through generations, destinations are perfecting the art of eating like a local! And we love taking a step further with experiences that will get your hands right into the dough! Be it strudel-making in Budapest; perfecting souvlaki in Greece; or learning Nonna’s secret recipes in Italy!

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