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Signature Suggests: Winter in Turkey

Turkey’s historic sights, natural wonders and exciting nightlife have made it a top choice for travellers in recent years. And winter is a great time to explore this stunning country.

From the fantastical landscapes of Cappadocia to the spellbinding spirituality of Sufi dervishes; ancient spa towns; little-known Turkish villages; and daily rituals of life in the country, our Destination Experts have rounded up the best things to experience in Turkey in winter!

What to See

Dervent Valley, Cappadocia

Istanbul: Take a walking tour to cover the historic sights of the city, including Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Constantinople’s Hippodrome and the magnificent Sultanahmet Mosque.

Ayvalı: Far from tourist stops, this little-known village is a place where people still follow a traditional lifestyle.

Göreme Open Air Museum: A monastic complex home to some of the finest rock-cut churches and exquisite frescoes.

Cappadocia: Explore the whimsical landscapes of Dervent – the valley of “fairy chimneys” and the pink-hued Paşabağ (or Monk’s Valley) known for its extraordinary rock formations.

Ancient City of Ephesus

Sultanhani Caravanserai: An elaborate stop-over built for travelers and merchants on the silk road back in the 13th century.

Mevlana Museum: Famous for its turquoise tiled tower and exquisite Ottoman calligraphy and inscriptions.

Ephesus: An outstanding example of a Roman port city established in 10th century B.C and home to Temple of Diana

Troy: The legendary city where one can see a wooden replica of the infamous Trojan Horse from the times Helen and Paris.

What to Do

Whirling Dervishes “Sema” Ceremony

Istanbul: Experience little-known nuances of daily Turkish life and traditions inside one of the largest and oldest markets in the world, Grand Bazaar. Stop by for a cup of afternoon coffee with a local shopkeeper. Afternoon coffee is a long-standing tradition in Turkey and is often accompanied with fortune-telling from the left-over coffee grounds in the cup.

Cappadocia: Witness the mesmerizing spiritual ceremony of “Sema” (whirling Sufi Dervishes). This mystical, ancient ritual blends dance, prayer, meditation and trance for a powerful spiritual experience that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Hot air balloons flying over Cappadocia

Cappadocia: Soar over the magnificent Cappadocian landscape and get up-close to its “fairy chimneys”. Travelling at heights of up to 1500 feet, the feeling is one of peace and tranquillity as you glide over white-washed landscapes of Cappadocia.

Pamukkale: Soak in the healing thermal baths of this white-washed wonder, where people have been coming for over 1000 years to experience the “champagne waters”. Don’t miss the Cleopatra Pool, which is said to have been gifted by Marc Anthony to Cleopatra.

What to Eat

Traditional Lamb Kebabs or Kofte

Istanbul: Visit the Giritli restaurant, situated in the old city where the owner serves her family’s favourite Cretan dishes

Izmir: Dine on delectable seafood at one of the many restaurants situated on the pier, with stunning views of the horizon

Cappadocia: Dine with a local village family as you observe how the family prepares their daily meals and pick up a few secrets of Turkish cooking.

Turkish Delights

Our scheduled departures leave for Turkey all through November 2019 to March 2020. Reach out to our destination experts to know more!

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